#MySickleWarrior: Blessing Abdul’s Story

The one battle I would say I’ve had to constantly fight due to sickle cell is ignorance; not only from others but also from myself. I'm only realising the harsh reality of SC and how to truly live with it in my older life. I’ve had important people around me not understand the severity of this disease, including my employer, colleagues, friends and hospital staff. I’ve lost jobs and nearly been fired on my first day due to SC. For some reason the devil likes to try me by making me have a crisis a day before I start a new job but I’ve always pushed through and proven to myself that I’m bigger than my disease. The last couple jobs I lost was due to me having 4 crisis back to back for over a month. That was the only time I felt I may have been defeated but I quickly got myself out of a negative mind-set picked myself up and pushed through everything that was thrown my way. If anything, Sickle Cell motivates me because every crisis I have reminds me of the importance of living. I may not be able to live how my other friends live but I’ll never give up trying to achieve the best quality of life and I’ll never give in to this spontaneous, horrible disease. Sickle Cell doesn't define me but it sure gives me strength.'

Luckily for me, God hasn't shown me the worst side of Sickle Cell compared to others who also suffer from the disease so I’ll always count my blessings on that front.

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