#MySickleWarrior: The Florence Ramos Story

I remember P.E classes feeling like a performance that I could only sit and watch from the side-line as my classmates had fun. For a while I would sit in self-pity, thinking it was unfair and wishing I could be like them… until I asked myself one day, ‘why can’t I be like them?’ I went over and beyond to be ‘normal’ too and believe me I paid dearly for those decisions to push my body to places it wasn’t built for. I joined the school basketball team and played matches alongside my friends and against other schools. Yes, I fell ill; yes, I felt pain but to me the mental strength and accomplishment I felt inside was no comparison to the physical pain I felt. After straining my body, and pushing it to the edge, it sometimes felt like my body was disciplining me with the excruciating pain I felt as a result. Almost as if my body was taunting me saying, “so you think you’re normal? Well I will show you that you’re nowhere near”.
This continued throughout my life. From going raving in skimpy outfits as a teenager, to fit in with my friends and the all the other girls going out, but even once the cold entered my body, the pain was no match for the liberation I experienced. Fast forward to giving birth to my son, an experience that many never believed I would have. I remember the shock and surprise on people’s faces when they saw my beautiful healthy baby boy that I had delivered through a natural birth, something that even the healthiest of women can’t boast of, and this made my journey seem all-the-more worthwhile. Even after having my son I remember being warned by many that, ‘yes God has done this for you this time, but let’s not push it. That’s enough.’ One family member even advised me to tie my tubes. As much as I was offended, I was already in the habit of not letting anyone or anything limit my desires. And lo and behold, a couple of years later along came my beautiful healthy baby girl. And truly carrying these two blessings full term, and giving birth to them naturally is one of my biggest achievements. God truly does have a way of picking up the weak and showing Himself strong.

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