They say it’s the little things that make a big difference. Bonita Lashes aspire to become a beauty essential in every lash lover’s routine, making a beautiful difference through both our product and campaign.

Sickle Cell Disease or Sickle Cell Anemia is the world’s most common blood disorder, affecting millions of people worldwide, every single day. Surprisingly either many people have never heard of it or they have but are unsure about what it is. Sickle Cell Disease or SCD is a genetic and lifelong blood disease caused by abnormalities on the hemoglobin of the patient’s red blood cells. Normal red blood cells are round while sickle cells are half of that shape, sickled shape, hence, the origin of the disease’s name.

Sickle cells are unable to successfully transport oxygen around the body, therefore becoming sticky and getting stuck in the blood vessel causing excruciating pain and can cause organ damage, stroke, or at worst, death. Sickle cell is commonly seen in tropical climates like Africa, The Caribbean, India and the Mediterranean.

Earlier this year, a breakthrough in gene therapy has cured a teenage boy who was suffering from SCD. The transplant was a great success that fifteen months after, the boy is doing well and is no longer dependent on blood transfusion. He is now living a normal life.

Imagine Institute, a Paris based innovation institute aims to help patients with a genetic disease such as Sickle Cell Disease. Headed by the finest doctors and researchers, they conduct analysis and investigation, innovative patient care, and teaching. Through Bonita Lashes, we hope that we can give lash lovers everywhere the chance to be a part of that success and optimistically a part of history.

Be glamorous while spreading Sickle cell awareness because for every purchase of Bonita Lashes’ Power Collection, which consist of 4 diverse lashes that are named after the areas mainly affected, 20% of its proceeds are donated to the Institute, supporting their ground-breaking research into curing sickle cell disease. One of the researchers hopes that in the next 5 years the treatment can become available, we believe that this is an attainable goal, especially if it’s supported.

There are still countless of sufferers who need help. We focus our efforts on bringing the power of beauty to empower those who are in pain. Through our blog and social media post #MySickleWarrior we tell the moving stories of those affected directly and indirectly by sickle cell disease. Our pain drives us to stand together and make us stronger.

We at Bonita Lashes, do not only promote beauty but we also encourage hope. For every glam bought and every confidence acquired, we hope to move closer to a life free from the clutches of sickle cell disease.  

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