We are a luxury lash brand, which promotes power through beauty; encouraging you to always be your kind of beautiful.

Founded by stylist and false lash enthusiast Florence A. Ramos, Bonita Lashes features lavish falsies in various styles. She uses her very own brand as a link to bringing change to a struggle that not only affects her but millions of people worldwide.

Driven by her love for lashes, Florence decided to create a lash brand that would appeal to contemporary women who struts her stuff through this fast-paced world. Women who want effortless glam whether to kick start a new week or to end it in style.

Bonita Lashes’ mink lashes are made from the best quality materials to create a super comfortable faux lash. It is stylish, durable, light-weight and takes less than 5 minutes to put on. Achieve easy glamour by finishing your makeup look with our statement lashes.


The Lash Collection is our limited edition range of lashes that we update regularly to keep bringing you something new. We currently have our 7-style range; each style offering lash lovers something different, from the au-naturel to alluring. Using only high-quality materials which are tried and tested, each lash is handmade to perfection. Turn from naturally subtle to fully glam within minutes.

The birth of The Power Collection introduces four lashes named after areas of the world most affected by the Sickle Cell Disease. It is a beautiful 4-style invisible band collection that captures the diversity and beauty of the four places it is named after - India, Africa, Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. Each style is carefully chosen to reveal your inner goddess.

Through The Power Collection, Bonita Lashes hopes to fundraise a groundbreaking gene therapy in Paris for the Sickle Cell patients by donating a portion of its sales to the Imagine Institute, an innovation institute that conducts research for genetic diseases. For every purchase of The Power Collection, 20 percent of its proceeds go to the Institute to aid in the study of SCD.

The battle of Sickle Cell Disease might still be a long way to go but we believe that if we all work together, we can bring an enormous change in their lives. If you want to know more about the Sickle Cell Disease and help our campaign, you can read more in 'Our Campaign'.