The Mediterranean is a popular holiday destination, adored for its picturesque views, warm weather and stunning shores. Our Mediterranean lashes are perfectly equipped to achieve luscious lashes that will always make an impact.

Perfect for day or night, with their spidery structure these medium volume lashes achieve a fluffy fluttery super lash finish. Ideal for subtly intensifying your eyes, our Mediterranean lashes will allow you to amp up the volume and stand out from the crowd, any day of the week.

Sickle cell disease affects Mediterranean countries like Spain, Turkey, Greece, Sicily and Sardinia.

Sickle cell disease (SCD), a genetic anaemia, is currently an emerging health problem in Spain. Normal red bloods cells live 90-120 days making them effective in transporting oxygen around the body. Sickle cells live 10-20 days making oxygen transportation less effective and making it difficult for the body to keep up with how fast the cells are being destroyed.

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